Ideal for both high and mid-bay applications, the CL-HI5HO-OE is engineered to utilize T5HO lamps and a high-efficiency specular Miro IV reflector. Durable galvanized or pre-painted steel housing designed with a wide ballast cavity maintains efficient lamp operation and optimizes heat dissipation. The CL-HI5HO-OE is available in eight and twelve lamp configurations (two columns of lamps over 8' fixture length).

A variation, the CL-HI5-4x4 is a 4'x4' fixture for high and mid-bay applications, utilizing six T5HO lamps.

The CL-HI5HO-OE and CL-HI5-4x4 series offer numerous mounting capabilities: chain, aircraft cable, V-hook, and surface. Quick-access plates provide for swift installation and easy maintenance. Exceptional optical performance is guaranteed in a choice of narrow, medium, or wide distribution patterns.